Willie took the rejection hard.

These rumors are probably true.

I think it's absolutely fine.

The lecture was as boring as watching grass grow.

Do you play soccer or rugby?

School begins at half past eight except on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Take care of the pence, for the pounds will take care of themselves.


You're supposed to call her.

I think you should stop complaining so much.

I'll be meeting with Louise.

I've already called him.

Mrs. Ana explains the sixth test.


Some people think talking back to an adult is rude.


Saturn's atmosphere has winds which can blow at over 1800 kilometers per hour.

Murray closed the door quietly and tiptoed into the room.

You should pay more attention to what he says.

All of the town was destroyed by a fire.

We're coming home.

I hear from my friend every year.

Just get away from here.


I don't know if Edmund understood what we were talking about or not.

The station isn't far from here.

Muiriel had no other choice but to accept her defeat.

You probably wouldn't even recognize Huashi if you saw him now.

Sofia began to suspect that Micah was planning a surprise birthday party.

Some are wise and some are otherwise.

See what you can find out.


Come into the room at once.

I aim at ducks, but I don't shoot them.

What language is it written in?


The baby had been crying for an hour when she found it.

The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each similar to our sun.

I could see something was wrong.

Don't interfere with matters that do not concern you!

They're looking for Frances.


Your attendance at classes was irregular.

I could kick myself for not inviting Dan and Milo to my party.

I could make things easier for you.

Idle hands are the Internet's workshop.

My parents wanted me to marry a nice guy like Jeanne, but I was in love with John.

Let's hope we find Sherri before the police do.

He was out of breath when he got here.


I don't have anything going on.

Land reform caused a great change in the lives of the people.

Let's be on our way.

A great number of people were killed in a moment.

I have a mild pain here.

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We're very proud of that.

I'm not sure when Kenneth will come.

I served with Jonathan in the special forces.


Gill travels less than Hohn does.

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We didn't have a choice.


That's how I know you love him.

You never say what you really think.

Your son is a happy boy.

Now, I understand.

The bad weather prevented our ship from arriving on time.

Lanny understood Tor.

Damon doesn't use a computer every day.

The church stood alone on the hill.

He's quick in his movements.

Ishmael, come over here!

It its twenty-year history, my country has had three presidents. I took pride in the first, was unimpressed by the second, and am positively disgusted by the third. If the pattern holds, I doubt that our fourth president will even be human.

Her face reflects disgust and sadness, rather than anger.

The children are afraid of me.

Vic wouldn't harm a fly.

He loves her, but she doesn't like him.

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Bradford will go to Boston tomorrow.

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A wounded whale washed up on the beach.

They probably know.

Most foreigners will never fully master the use of German modal particles.

Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science.

He must be fined if he breaks the law.

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Dylan tried to not let everyone know how much pain he was in.

She was by far the best singer in the class.

I had my T-shirt washed.

They aren't my books.

She was stupid enough to go out with him.

The movie received mixed reviews.

This new shop will open in a week.


It continues to grow.

Sheila took home Christophe's umbrella by mistake.

Troy is in love with a handsome boy from her class named Johann.

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I'm just doing my best.


Are you sure Stagger won't be angry?


I should have followed Hillel's advice.

I'm glad I did it.

I want to feel important.

She sat in front of her laptop in her pajamas.

Carol returned to her hotel.

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Mars has a very thin atmosphere.

The library is eighty years old.

I'm fairly certain that it was the elephant.


I feel like taking a trip.

The whiteness of the lily is a symbol of purity.

You needn't have hurried to the airport.

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This desk is good.

I am very grateful to you for what you've done for my family.

What's the point in doing that?

The mountains lay covered with deep snow.

She was a real hero.

His cell phone is turned off now.

He rested his hand on my shoulder.


I am still a bit sore after my operation.

We won't be able to keep this a secret forever.

How long will Vijay stay in Boston?

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When I came to, I found myself in the hospital.

His wife gave birth to twins.

Were you reading a book at that time?


That is recorded in the minutes.

Can you show me this skirt please?

He lost his temper and threw a cup.

I think that I'm doing something wrong.

She is anxious about her father's health.

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He said, "I will say nothing more, because I hate making excuses."

I thanked Guy for his advice.

I want to go to the store where Doyle works.

Count me out if you go bowling.

When was the last time you got drunk?

Is it hard to learn French?

He has a strong will.

I have just been to the post office.

I feel that I should help you.

In terms of choosing my friends, I'm extra picky.

Kevan looked discouraged.

I'm accustomed to getting up early.

You're talking to a woman.


He has money enough and to spare.

Work hard, play hard.

An enemy of an enemy is a friend.

He is more a teacher than a scholar.

Laughter is good for your health.


I call on the living, lament the dead, shatter the lightning.

Sanche is on the honor roll.

Her husband is now living in Tokyo.

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He closes the door and locks it.

There's fuck all to do around here.

I want to talk to the police first.

All oil-rich countries have to be bombarded with depleted uranium explosives to guarantee democracy and freedom for their people.

Most boys like computer games.

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It's your duty to finish the job.

They take their meals at the hotel.

He's addicted to porn.

I didn't know you couldn't speak French.

He did a great job.

What could Hitoshi have been thinking?

He looked embarrassed.

Emily can swim.

I wish he were on our team.

You've already drunk mummy's milk. Don't cry, please go sleepy-sleep.

The pompous professor was full of his own self-importance.


It's been a long drive.


I could read between the lines.


Should I have asked your permission?

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Brooke doesn't know who baked the cake.

I have to give myself up to studying for final exams.

It's far from perfect.

We've not done well.

And that's how I met your father.

Keep in mind what I tell you.

Do you know where I can find it?

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Please send it by special delivery.

On tennis forums, those who blindly support their favourite player while looking down on his or her opponents are commonly given the derogatory nickname "tards". Of course, a lot of times these same people use the word to refer to anyone supporting the players they don't like.

Tell them it's not their fault.