We like to observe birds.

Hurry up, you lot!


I'll have my eggs sunny side up.

Tracey likes listening to American English the most, but he also likes the sound of Irish English.

Clara looks like a deer caught in headlights.


It's not time to eat yet.

Where there is light, there must be shadow.

Roxie shot Nancy.

I knew I could trust him.

Let's call him.


You've improved your English.

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That would make sense.

Dale is the richest man I know.

I worked just as hard as Saqib did.


Nichael also noticed that Griff wasn't there.

They're looking for Marguerite.

Can't you also use this website sort of like Twitter?

You understand what I mean, don't you?

My mother was happy to see her guest eating her cakes eagerly.


The olives are harvested in the fall.

Granville is glad he isn't in your shoes.

Did you telephone him?


I wish I could take away your pain.

Blake felt intimidated.

Morgan stepped forward.

We know all that.

Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.

I slept, and you?

What did you tell her for?

Jeannette climbed up the ladder to the roof of the garage.

The students of this school are friendly.

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She asked me out on a date.

The ship leaves for Honolulu tomorrow.

Joan runs in the city.

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Matthieu asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend.

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She was not interested in boys at all.

What's this green stuff?

I got off at the park.

That would make sense, wouldn't it?

His house isn't far from this store.

The car won't start.

Every year it's the same story.

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Pierce is the ugliest man I've ever seen.

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I'll always love you, no matter what happens.

We saw the airplane.

Courtney is very discontented.

Maria waited for him but he didn't come.

Why is everyone so concerned about this?

Can I ask her something?

I have nothing better to do.


We cut trees with an axe.


Could there be a mistake?

I think your phone's off the hook.

Gale has a lot of clothes in his closet that he never wears anymore.

The anti-rational, anti-justice and anti-humane Christian malignancy is rearing its head yet again as it leads the fight against homosexuality on behalf of the divine trinity of unreason, injustice and hate.

Can I ask what you're doing here?


You will have to study a lot.

The history of all hitherto existing societies is the history of class struggles.

Refills included.

Everyone was speechless.

Kids catch colds easily.

Give it a pull.

Let me play the next game.

Fletcher didn't approve of the way Sergio dressed.

The capital of Italy is Rome.

We're going to take our time.

He pushed his hat back on his head.

Kylo made her brother cry.

He faked his own death.

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I thought you lived by yourself.

He always asks the same question.

You were not interrogated today, were you?

I've just come to get my property back.

I want to stay in Boston until Monday.

What is your earliest memory from childhood?

We have lunch at about noon.

He works in a jar.

He studied the flight of birds.

Could you take our picture?

They held firm to their convictions.

Have you read an interesting book lately?

The registration deadline is noon Monday.

We had a very nice lunch.

Don't let Phill jump on the bed.

Ellen was vague.

Gypsy has taken off all his clothes.

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Markus is completely sober.

Ring the bell when you want me.

No country under the sun is safe in this nuclear age.


There is a bench under the tree.

Kyle doesn't have a theory.

I persuaded him to give up the idea.

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It's dirty work, but someone has to do it.

They that govern the most make the least noise.

I'm going to the lab.


The wounded woman was a Brazilian tourist.


He performed high duty.


Dan expressed his racist beliefs in public.


You must not speak so loudly here.

This is the first time I've added a sentence in Dutch.

I loved to read when I was little.


Bobbie doesn't like being criticized.

A driver's job is not as easy as it looks.

We're discreet.

I'll have to take Hunter with me.

Wool dyes nicely.


Today is our school field day.

Can't you hear all the car horns honking behind us?

Straka ought to be punished.

They bestowed several gifts on the royal visitors.

Claude sneaked into a warehouse to steal spare parts.

She placed both hands on his chest.

I must have nodded off.

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Didn't you miss me?

Ralf filled the sink with water.

Check the pressure of the tires.


Would you mind not smoking in this room?

The election was in November.

The mother was reluctant to leave her children alone.


This experiment was unsuccessful.

Hey, you know you're not allowed in here.

He died when he was 54 years old.

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I read the paper every day to keep in touch with what's going on.

There's no smoke without fire.

Did you buy everything we need for our party?


It's not safe to drink this water.


You need to call the police immediately.

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Kenn told the boys to line up.

What did you tell him about it?

He is busily at work.

Shadow stayed at this hotel for three weeks.

The population of China is larger than that of India.

You are telling it second hand, aren't you?

He changed his countenance at the news.

Would that the thoughts in my head would come out like a receipt from a cash register.

I could hear Sonny yelling.

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If I'm living in Madrid now, there's surely a reason!

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Marc says he's the best tennis player at his club.

I just stopped by to see if you were OK.

No matter what you do, you must follow the correct order.

He left a window open.

Everyone marvelled at her courage.


If you want to know how a certain word is used, look it up in this dictionary.


Click the OK button.

There are two chests of drawers in this bedroom.

The little boy goes for a walk with his mother.


His speech contained very little matter.

I know Cecilia is missing.

I won't let you fall.


Rafael always makes it a rule never to ask a woman her age.


I wish to be alone for a while.

I'm planning to leave for Europe next week.

I'd just like to know what's going on here.


You are going to be eaten.

Jiri is frustrated with her life.

Do you think I'm good-looking?

I have seen that face somewhere before.

Hillary wondered what George was trying to do.


Squirrels like nuts.