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He adores him.

I'm proud of him.

Success depends on your own exertions.


Charlie took a picture of Gregg standing under the cherry tree.

This wasn't here before.

We need to leave at once.

Lou doesn't seem to be a Canadian.

I generally get home at eight.

The crowd watched the fire from a safe distance.

Dwight gently kissed his daughter on the forehead.

We have a lot to talk about right now.

Do you realize how late it is?

You don't really believe that, do you?

I've got a bad feeling about this.


Others say it may even be beneficial.

Are you a cop?

He says that raw vegetables are healthier.


The sun was shining.

We were lucky to find our keys.

They went to Kyoto last year.

You have to take this.

I prefer to text than to talk on the phone.

Omar has done other stupid things.

I think I believe him.

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Why's everybody so quiet?

What are you writing about?

I was upstairs.

What were Carl and Uri doing at the hospital?

I owe her 300 dollars.

He got assistance from above.

He is no gentleman.

I don't know why I said that.

You can't cling to the past.

Everyone's dying to meet you.

Stay out of the water.


Karl always tries to help other people.

How will this affect you?

I've never been so proud.

I don't have any money.

Spass is thorough.

Five fours are twenty.

This regulation will take effect from next year.


I have to make certain Santa knows where he needs to go.

I didn't understand the purpose of the question at all.

It wasn't that different.


I came here today to talk to Colin.

The life of the prisoner and of his defenceless daughter is threatened by a diabolical plot.

He showed me the manuscript of his new play.

I'll get some ice.

You're not above the law.

You can't pay too much for good shoes.

Greg sounds perfect.

I'm a bachelor.

Children are playing with toys.


Dana felt uneasy talking to Aimee about that matter.

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Marcel is very stubborn, isn't he?

"Do you know what today is?" -"No". - "My birthday!"

I'm more than a friend.

The advantage of ageing is that one doesn't demand anymore the things that one failed to obtain in one's youth through lack of money.

These trousers are too long for me.

God knows what he was thinking.

The two countries were moving closer to war.

Liza is an office administrator at an electronics company.

Syun likes to chop wood.


You can't reason with Dory.

You've done what you needed to do.

I subscribe to the newspaper "Haaretz".


And he worked very hard for Mr Wood.

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You guys can do what you want.

I have created a perfect plan for capturing that crafty animal.

It's not for everybody.

The problem is whether you can follow her English.

Lana slid open the window.

Lanny was waiting.

My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.


We can't send Mikey out there.

Has he ever been to outer space?

Many fine minds have no use for literature. In pitiful blindness, they say, "It's not real."

Why don't you folks make yourselves comfortable?

Kikki is the only one who seems to know where Suwandi lives.


You must first have a lot of patience to learn to have patience.

There's been a lawyer in the family for generations.

I've never asked you for a favor.

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What the hell was Paula thinking?

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Do you want these tickets?

You don't seem too surprised.

Rolfe will be here in a while.

Anatole always yells when she's angry.

I think it was a mistake that you didn't take my advice.

Lend me your book, please.

I paid him 20000 yen on account.

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He let me know it by telephone.

I'm impartial.

The entire ceiling, which was supported by the wall, collapsed together with it.

I often find myself falling for jokers, regardless of their looks.

He is quite different from what he was ten years ago.

He was an idol.

You told Carole that he was fat, didn't you?

He goes by the name of Kenchan.

Get him out of here.

I didn't know who you were.

This apple is sour.


I'd like to know where you are.


Is she a girl or a woman?

I only have two plane tickets.

Please be ready in fifteen minutes.

Shall we go to drink coffee or something?

I thought you understood.


It is 50 kilometers to Paris.

At this point not only have I still not had a girlfriend, but I also have lost interest in trying, thanks to my brother's nasty bitch that drove him to suicide... So yeah, I'm more distrusting of relationships now. I won't refuse them, but I honestly don't think I'll even try for a while.

Is everything okay?

SOPA is an acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Bullet-proof glass ensures safety but isn't widely available due to its high cost.

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It was a dark and stormy night.

May I speak to Bill?

You're the perfect boyfriend.

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Could you send up a Band-Aid and some medicine?


It's a small world.

I had a heart attack.

The chimney is made of brick.

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We're filling in for them today.

Rumor says he resigned.

Tunupa was born in Bolivia.


Dan didn't even vote.

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This can't be the way to do it.

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Don't abuse my patience.

Do stop talking and listen to the music.

You should slow down when you approach a four-way intersection.


I have always believed that fruits are more beneficial than fruit juices mainly because they do not contain added sugar.

Pete doesn't want Manjeri to know what happened.

There are additional students to my Spanish class.

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His grandmother can't see, can she?

I know that you're very angry.

Are you really thinking about what's best for Marnix?

They left after they finished lunch.

They live in Helsinki, Finland.

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Mr Mailer is to stay here till tomorrow.


Who wants to come with me to see "Thor"?


He retired at the age of 71.

This sentence is linguistically correct but that is not how we say it.

The game is not over.

Japan is at peace with her neighbors.

Something's happening.

I really wonder how much the inheritance tax will amount to.

It feels good to help.

The police took immediate action to deal with the riot.

Leonard is lying on the grass under an apple tree.

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The duty of a daughter is in obedience.

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They're still waiting for us to make up our minds.

Let me take your coat.

The factory produces ammunition.

She would sooner translate sentences on Tatoeba than chat with me.

You sound like a politician.

I just wanted to check my email.

I usually get home by six o'clock.

I want to remember that.

Joel was in jail that night so he has the perfect alibi.

I love him, but he is gay.

This cross street is busy with pedestrian traffic.

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What do you think is the best way to learn French?


Kathleen said he would go to Boston.

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Daryl didn't approve of his daughter seeing a married man.