Can you read what that says?

Our company provides customized, worry-free solutions to protect your customers' sensitive data.

We've been living together for the last three years.

Could I place this here?

Good, but you can do better.

I like her all the more for her kindness.

There's a lot I want to talk to you about.


It's not a bad thing.

He will be sleeping when you get to his house.

I really want to know what the hell is going on.

I'd better ask Dieter and see what he thinks.

Believe in luck!

You'll be very happy here.

Why are we even talking about this?


I altered my typical lunch and had a steak instead.


I'll be with them.

The police found Donald dead on the porch.

Why don't you go and join him?


Wade found that difficult to believe.

Don't take me seriously. I'm only joking.

I wish you and your family well.

I know it means a lot to them.

If the car is gone, he can't be at the office.


The students protested against the unfair exam.


Saumya and Cathrin are bickering with each other.

He could also hire a car.

Is Germany good?


The son demonstrated his anger by shutting the door and noisily.


So where does he live?

I feel fine now.

I want Shakil to sign this.

It's cold this morning, isn't it?

Where did you stone them?

I need Bryan to translate something for me.

I'm beginning to lose patience.

They were going to kill him.

Pineapple is rich in citric acid.

I have a cough.

They have two sons and one daughter.

What does the doctor want me to eat?

Where's your other brother?

I'd die for some bagels and burritos.

Karl will hide it.


The story of Lea and Myron's relationships is full of dramatic events.

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They are all special.

Why would Sergio lie?

She's not the brightest girl in the world.


Stephen travels more than his boss.

I am laughing at Rajesh.

I want my children to reach their full potential.

A person giving a speech should stand where everyone can see him.

I prefer going out to staying home.


Another thing to consider is the quality of the materials, knots, and dyes in the carpet.

They won't speak to Sandra.

Tollefsen is hearing something.


The vacation is over now.

I'm interested in buying it.

You're getting so big.

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Please don't make me do that again.

Ask them to help you.

He's moonlighting as a stripper.


The bus ran on the long and winding road.


If people have friendly relationships, I hope the world will be a better place.

He is understood even without the interpreter.

Instead of doing what needed to be done, Griff read a book.

Am I too demanding?

I've searched everywhere but I can't find it.

These clothes are not appropriate for a cold winter day.

He is willing enough.

Waiter, I'd like to order.

There are times when you need to fight for what you believe in.

You're tired this evening.

The bridge is made of stone.


It was fun to celebrate together.

You must catch the animal alive.

For a bit of a change from red meat, for tonight I've cooked turkey breasts in mushroom sauce.


Raul will be in Boston until tomorrow.

She is an office lady.

He fell flat on the floor.

I'll mow the lawn tomorrow if it's not raining.

We're intimate friends.


It seems that it will also be a cool summer this year.

As a result of the accident, several passengers were killed.

I told Sally I could handle it.

Vince was ashamed of himself.

I have to work late tonight.

I started working when I was thirteen.

How did you discover the truth?


It's a do-or-die situation.


You'd be amazed how many apples you can buy for two hundred dollars.

An agonizing suspicion haunted my brain.

She was a bridesmaid at the wedding.


My, you're looking green around the gills.


I do not for a moment think you are wrong.

Texting while crossing the street is dangerous.

I don't want to have any secrets from you.

You have only to wait here.

Gregg speaks French like a native speaker.


I will become God of the new world.

Could you tell me what's in this dish?

Rabbits have long ears and short tails.

Can you get this trash out of here?

Luis is such a nice boy!

You've been forewarned.

Something might have happened to her.

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I hope Vistlik remembers that we're going over to Dennis's for dinner this evening.

I didn't steal Kenneth's wallet. You can check my pockets.

Look what happened to him.

The smoke ascended into the air.

I don't know how to reach you.

He stayed in his hotel most of the next day, talking to friends and supporters.

The lorry tipped over.

He stopped smoking last year.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the backyard.


He agreed to give us an interview.

Nothing makes me happier than eating good food.

We're not the only Canadians here.

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She started crying and I started crying too.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine."

Are your parents going to be home?

Father was generous enough to indulge my every whim.

This is a good result.

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Well then, it becomes a matter of urgent concern to the lurkers of this mailing list whether the guilty party confesses or not.


It's abundantly clear.

Why ever should we fetch the key, I wonder?

He is a self-willed fellow.

Is there a barber shop in the hotel?

A mysterious creature attacked Hitoshi while he was in the wood.


Check your tire pressure.


Teenage boys love playing video games.

I think you'll be fine.

Ozan knows Bobby likes reggae.

You should listen to his advice.

Did something happen at school today?

Keep it up!

Did you understand them?

I'm smart.

Russell will fail.

We've got to get out of here!

I don't, either.

Would you do it with me?

Maybe that's the reason why Vladislav isn't here today.

Yeah, I just stepped on your foot. What are you going to do about it?

I'm saying get over it.


I was as sober as a judge.

With all his efforts, he failed the test.

It was unavoidable.

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We felt sorry for the error.

Where were you at the time of the fire?

Great figures don't meet high standards, but rather make their own.

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You stay away from Romain.

The racial prejudice that used to be rampant in America has, to a considerable degree, metamorphosed into cultural prejudice. Those infected will say of a Black friend: "She's different"--meaning the cultural stereotypes they find objectionable do not apply.

He is the doctor about whom I talked yesterday.


Stefan wasn't able to be here to meet you himself, so he asked me to come in his place.


He also discovered sunspots, the dark areas of the Sun. He saw that the planet Venus has light and dark phases just like the Moon. These discoveries provided empirical information that proved that the Sun is at the center of the Solar System, as Nicholas Copernicus had predicted.

We didn't tell you that.

I can't imagine such a life.


Amigo is serving a ten-year sentence for manslaughter.

I'm sure I've seen her before somewhere.

Those who use forks or chopsticks often think people who don't are uncivilized.


Do you want to come shopping with me?