Have you ever missed a plane?

We aren't born with the capacity to carry out a happy coexistence.

The ceiling height is 14 feet, and the apartment comes fully furnished.

Can't you take a joke?

Why am I doing this you ask? Because I can.

We knew that already.

You really are hopeless.

Has anybody spoken with him?

Celeste's hobbies are gardening, sailing, carpentry and cycling.

I'm the one who saved them.


She likes chemistry.

I shouldn't be doing this.

We danced to the music.

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Boyle is the inventor of Sherlock Holmes.

Maybe we should stay right here.

I tried to tell them.

Why aren't you talking to me?

You're the only one who hasn't done what I asked.


Donal thought that Raif didn't want to play chess with him.

I stepped on my Lady Gaga CD by mistake and broke it!

Oh, here they come!

What made him leave his home and run away late at night?

Care over the particulars only has meaning once it gets across to customers.

She likes cake a whole lot.

I'm being a gentleman.

Who will try this case?

Farouk left the book on the table.

Dogs can see in the dark.

Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia.

I won't let you hurt me.

More than 2,500 people have died trying to reach Europe so far in 2015.

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I think this is good.

That program is still far from perfect.

You ought to tell Ross that you don't like doing that.

Sandeep handed Price the briefcase.

Himawan used to be happy.

Hughes found your keys.

Has something happened?

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Everyone started laughing at Dylan.

I'm pretty sure that Christophe used to live in Boston.

I'd rather lose an argument to you than lose you to an argument.

I knew I could depend on you.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.


They began to run when they saw the police.

Let me see what we can do.

It is clear that he failed for lack of prudence.

Sangho wants justice.

I was ashamed of my brother.

She folded the quilt.

The book interests me.


I really need to get home.

Let me know in advance when you're coming to Boston.

What do you want to know about Turkey?


Do you wash your hands before eating?

Why is there a dog in our house?

I saw it happen.


Yvonne wasn't at school the day we had our class picture taken.

All the colours of the rainbow are black.

I plan wedding receptions in a historic mansion with gourmet cuisine.


Would you mind coming with me?

"I have to see him." "Why?"

Make haste, and you will be in time.

If you heat ice, it melts.

Tell them something came up.

I'm looking for her right now.

You're dependable.

The meeting gave her extreme pleasure.

How can you have a belfry without bats?

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The Buddha became enlightened under a Bo tree in Bodh Gaya.


I bought this three years ago.

Swamy is anxious to leave.

Could you give me your name?

She had her handbag stolen.

Did you have a nice Christmas?


I think he likes me.

Be creative.

I'd advise you to not eat that.

He took up his quarters in the inn.

I told Julia he should consider taking the job Adrian offered him.

Drive the nail into the board.

I wanted to tell you that.

Shankar has been practicing with us.

I'll find him.


Don't cry over spilt milk.

Can we meet somewhere?

Johann loves Elric and she loves him.

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I understand what you're trying to tell me.

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The cat is on the mat.


Ships and helicopters left for the spacemen's rescue.

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You should probably tell Elsa when he needs to be here.


A coherent text "makes sense".


Nondisclosure should never be based on an effort to protect the personal interests of Government officials at the expense of those they are supposed to serve.

I know guns.

I don't want to be alone.


I'm asking you to do this because I trust you.


My name's Cyril. Pleased to meet you.

I already told you not to smoke in your room.

Eugene has decided not to go to the meeting.


Tao is very worried now.


I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.

Everyone likes her.

That doesn't make any sense to me.


Sal had a good teacher.

See how much more carefully made these are compared to those?

I don't think Pam knows what he's doing.

What has Kusum said?

Don't cry. Everything's going to be OK.

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The wounded soldier could hardly walk.


I know a store where you can buy that.


He knows how to help people.

Troy went to visit his grandmother at the retirement home.

We are going to do this the right way.

I'm going to major in French.

I want Bob stopped before he does anything worse.

Let me out, somebody. I'm locked in.

This did not satisfy Jun, and the relationship between them became more distant.

Give my regards to your aunt and uncle.

We don't really need Chip.

In these mountains, nature is at its best.

I don't like lying to him.

Pidgins were created because of slavery.

There is a bench under the tree.

Has Valentin ever asked you to loan him money?

I like to anger Axel.


She got off at the next station.

We have something pressing to discuss.

I'm feeling off colour today.

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I took my car to have it serviced today.

No works at a local hospital.

The town is beautiful.


Apart from the cost, it will take a long time to build the bridge.

I must be sure.

You should stay.

The knife has a keen blade.

Mike has had so many chances to do the right thing.

Sunil was supposed to be here by 2:30.

They fell and broke their legs.

Give us something to work on.

He helped me to get changed.

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I need you to relay some information for me.

Fires are less frightening today than they once were, because more and more houses are built of concrete, and concrete houses do not burn as easily as the old wooden ones.

She doesn't want to be with anyone.

If there's a better solution, then I'll notify you about it as soon as possible.

Sanjay had a life insurance policy worth three hundred thousand dollars.


We all wish for permanent world peace.

Christophe took his gloves off.

I was very tired, so I went to bed early.


Our school is near the station.

Shishir already went to bed.

Working together, they cleaned the entire house in no time.


Your division was highly praised for fighting well in the midst of a hopeless conflict.

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We don't like her.

He examined it from top to bottom.

Which country has the lowest cost of living?

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This necklace is a family heirloom.


Just be silent and listen.

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She asked him for some money to buy a new dress.

Ignoring the fact that the conditions were slightly different, the results of our experiment were identical with Robinson's.

John walked over the bridge and crossed the road.


Catherine was hiding behind a bush.