He even has one with dancing mice on it.

How many hats does your grandfather have?

She came to Brittany when war broke out.


Is your father a businessperson?

Ann has just finished writing her report.

Niall sensed something was wrong.

A new law is expected to cut air pollution by 60%.

Time is a tyrant!

Southwestern cities like Phoenix and Tucson have some of the fastest-growing populations in the country.

I saw an American musical.


Nobody anticipated such a sharp decline in interest rates.

I don't like being on my own.

This beer's taste is unique.

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Roxana is pretty sure that Ariel won't be there.

Last night was very hot and muggy and it was difficult to sleep.

I just had a vision.

It's okay to go.

Julianto is last.

Why didn't you tell her this?

Can you tell me which medication are you taking daily?


My grandfather takes medicine every day.


Bulla, who knows who I am!

Is someone coming to pick us up?

How many planets are there in the solar system?

Sometimes my boyfriend flirts with other women.

Elliott turned down the offer.


You are not in a position to ask for anything.

I'm only going to tell you this once.

Gregor saw Pam sitting alone at her desk.

They're never happy.

Did something seem wrong?


I am not in the least afraid of his threats.

Honesty seems to be rather at a discount.

Cats are very clean animals.

I suggest you study a little harder.

Don't feel too sorry for Cindy.

I'm not offended.

Hans is serving three life sentences.

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I hope you're not making a mistake.

How do you think Claude is doing?

If Claire could speak French, I'd hire him right away.

If there's a cheap kanji dictionary in Japan, I will buy it.

I love you and always will love you.

Joubert died on Monday.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the party.

I'm still excited.

I was wondering if you could help me this afternoon.

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Kenji is always the first to come to school.

An hour has sixty minutes.

Passengers can take a certain amount of baggage on the airplane.


I wish I hadn't spent so much money.


I'd like to set up a sign like, "This Way ->," but what would it be if I made it in English?

Randell doesn't ever say "hi" to his neighbors.

You're not yourself today.

Why didn't you tell Luis you were thirsty?

I like how you think.

A research organization investigated the effect.

I've been very lucky.


It's about time you got here.

She refused to sign the petition.

Let's listen to this cassette.

OK, take it.

This river is beautiful.

I am not going to join the year-end party tonight.

A severe typhoon has done much damage to property.

William the Conqueror defeated king Harold in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

The nights are getting longer now that it is autumn.

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I'm going to bed.

I lost a glove. Now what should I do with the second one?

I was just fortunate.

All persons shall have full and free liberty of religious opinion; nor shall any be compelled to frequent or maintain any religious institution.

That would be a good idea.

Put the patient on his back.

You have to be extra careful around him.

Every rose has its thorns.

We're giving a dinner for them.

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How do you like the climate of Japan?

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The cause of the fire is unknown.

Roy put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.

I'm going ashore.


After several hours of fighting the fire, the firemen were able to put it out.

There comes our teacher. He is walking very slowly.

Ask him to stay a while.

A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.

I saw some empty bottles lying on the ground.

Spock is a visual thinker.

Last year's pop hit was set off by a serial TV drama.

Doesn't that prove something?

Sofoklis isn't good at lying.

Kees oiled my roller skates for me.

Wires transmit electricity.

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I had a very productive day of cooking yesterday; I made soup, biscuits, and two pies.


With the first election of a woman into the seat of Chancellorship, the word "Bundeskanzlerin," as a feminine noun for the title, was voted Word of the Year in 2005 by the Academy of German Language.

I went to an Italian pizzeria.

What are the conditions?

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At least I'm not a loser like you.

Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.

Six of them are returning.

Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.

This is the third largest city in Serbia.

I was so nervous.

He threatened to take everything I own.

The tower was blown to atoms.

Can you whistle?

Don't ever leave them alone.

As the attendees of the DTA General Meeting will be offered the block rate, when you reserve Marriott Hotel for me, please notify them that I will attend it.

The beautiful French language is lost.

The major religions in China are Taoism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Toby didn't have any idea what he should do.

She's bad.

Micah sympathized.

Sugih's car won't start.

The doctor is only available on weekdays.

One out of ten people suffers from a lack of sleep.

I thought Sharon was in prison.

I worked for a bank.

Did Bradley know you were going to do this?

They're not expensive.

She received a large advance for her next novel.

You must talk to us.

Your sentences were like a green meadow in winter.

Edwin was the only one without enough money for the trip.

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This song makes my day every time I listen to it.

Saying is one thing and doing another.

I count on them.

Don't let me become discouraged.

When you are in Rome, act like the romans.


Everyone has their own burdens.

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Linda was the single mother of five children.

Send my greetings to your wife.

This was pretty expensive.

I just happened to be there at the time.

Marie is losing blood.


He rambled hither and thither.


Tad and Roxie were snuggled up to each other and Kerry was whispering something into Hsuan's ear.

Changes are taking place.

I put my hand on his shoulder.


Never tell anyone.

This book is out of print.

I'm ready to go somewhere else.


Vince's mean.

It never occurred to me that he might be ill.

The statue shows Lincoln with one fist clenched and the other relaxed.


Do you want to have sushi tonight?

What kind of funeral do you want?

It is within the bounds of possibility that she will succeed.


I can't adopt your view.

Marcos looks really relieved.

Nguyen doesn't care about his grades.

Is there a telephone in the flat?

Hienz stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

Cris kept his hat on to hide his baldness.

I'm not in any pain.

We're going ahead with this.

Lin took part in the summer festival.

Do what Kathy tells you to do and everything will be fine.

You really are desperate.

Kimberly made no attempt to answer the question.

Neal amused the children.

You have to respect your rivals.

Welcome to my home.

I'm too tired to think about this problem now.

Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.

Her face was bright with happiness.

Let's do this another time.

Java and Javascript are like India and Indonesia, they aren't the same thing.

Manny is asking permission.

I just moved to Boston.

The first name on the list is Dawson.

You know who Knudsen is, don't you?

That is all.