Tonight I'm free.

His novels are, for the most part, very boring.

I don't know that many people here.

Rodger knocked on the lavatory door.

I love that scarf.

This is the house in which he lives.

I followed Simon back to his camp.

I'm not going to let you spend your birthday alone.

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Lynn runs fast.

And the war between France and Britain was over.

You must come back before nine o'clock.

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He doesn't play disc golf.

He didn't answer the phone, so I sent him an email.

Ernest said that he needed more time.

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It has started raining.

The buses run every ten minutes here.

After a while, he came to.

Gilles hid his weapons.

Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?

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Am I hired?

Please give me some time to think.

And I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! The treacherous have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous have dealt very treacherously.


Maples turn red in fall.

The story was too pat and I got rather suspicious.

You do have to come along!


You're making the biggest mistake of your life.

I know I made a mistake, but you needn't to rub it in!

Joon is a very amazing person.


We don't have any strawberry ice cream.

I can't pretend to like him.

He dealt me a blow in the face.

I bet I can do it.

Bela Lugosi acted in several movies.

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It was quite possible to buy a house, just as it is in England, provided one gives up the idea of buying a home one likes, and at a reasonable price.

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It's a bargain!


Germany is leaving the fossil-nuclear age behind.

Why are there so many Esperantists on Tatoeba?

We should've thought of this before.

Larry felt his knees tremble.

I'll be there in a sec.

She has great charm.

I'm afraid I have some very bad news.

What are you interested in doing?

War is simple: it's driving a piece of iron through a piece of flesh.

I'll do as you suggested.

He went red in the face with rage.


Pierre said he hoped that Liz would come to his party.

Malloy informed Suzanne that his train was late.

Do we know why it's happening?


I'll tell you everything, just don't hit me!

The boy is totally dependent on his parents.

Even though he was sick, he went to school.


Why did you leave like that?

Sometimes I struggle to speak English.

High school students who flagrantly smoke in class and the teachers who can't caution them will be punished.

I don't have a Turkish keyboard.

There were no more free seats.

Her illness kept her in hospital for six weeks.

This revision of Darwin's ideas came under fire from academic positions.

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Ole is mad at us.

I was serious.

Are you going to stay with us?

His father had asked the question the year he was fourteen.

Who should I be more annoyed with?

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Roman had a crush on Dani when he was in junior high school.

Thank you for the wonderful dinner.

He looked left and right.


We need to find alternatives.

They had been defeated in battle.

I am making spare parts in a car factory.

Ro immediately called 911.

You are coming.

Why did you come back?

It won't happen again, I promise.

She was very afraid of him.

Could you please tell me what's wrong?

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I don't think Perry is going to do that.

It's not a dog.

She drank a sports drink.


After they drank the wine they got up and left.


Don't depend on it.

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It wasn't all my fault.


She is very popular among the boys.

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The old man is angry and bitter.

Today in the morning walking from the school I met Earle.

For all his genius, he is as unknown as ever.


Stu and Hui hugged tightly.


There's only one torpedo left.


If it rains, I'll stay at home.

Suicide is an act of revenge against yourself, and I personally have nothing against myself.

One of the most beautiful art collections in the world is at the Louvre.

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She likes to play with this lamb.


Fish is normally accompanied by white wine.

He is yet to know the truth.

Michiel thought it was strange.


Do you know how to eat with chopsticks?

International traders are struggling just to get by.

This train stops at every station.

He leaves at eight.

When she entered the room, he stood up.

I'd really love to meet them.

Santa eats lunch with Elliot almost every day.

This is her T-shirt. That T-shirt is hers, too.

His death made me wonder.

I wanted to see if there really was someone out there.

Your singing puts many a professional singer to shame.

Kyu is Gypsy's daughter-in-law.

You hate him, right?

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More than ever, a reform of the health care system is needed.


I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse.


You can't blame this problem on Chip.

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I don't know the first thing about fishing.

There was only one warden on duty when the riot started.

Franklin Roosevelt became president in 1933.


It was an interesting dream.

Do we have enough chairs?

Dannie has already decided when he wants to leave.


She put me in a delicate situation.

I finally found out what was wrong with my TV.

I thought that once I meant something.

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Miriam is standing in front of the door.

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He ironed his shirt.


I was reading a letter when he entered.

Granny went to pick some blueberries.

You're just so superficial and shallow.

It belonged to my mother.

I quit while I was ahead.

He doesn't walk.

I have three dogs.


My sister will have finished her homework before she goes to Hokkaido.


Someone broke the windscreen of my new car.


We will only consider placing an order if you reduce the price by 5%.

That's not something you're interested in, is it?

There is enough light to read by.

Let's talk about what we're going to do about it.

After slapping Mahmoud, Price ran out of the room.

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Why did you kiss her?

We are going to the mountains.

I thought Stagger might know where Randal lives.

She acted like she didn't know me.

She always speaks to him in a loud voice because he's hard of hearing.

What was her reaction to the news?

We are looking for engineers.

We were able to catch the last train.

He wrote to me from time to time.

My apartment was burglarized last week.

Miek isn't my girlfriend anymore.


Jacob didn't want to play poker.


At present a very great number of people are seeking to participate and, depending on circumstances, up to a month ahead is fully booked.

Eating slowly will help you feel more full.

The learned man worships his ancestors.

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A cockroach has climbed up on me!

He is such a show off.

Deirdre thought he might be coming down with a cold.

He's a difficult person to deal with.

Why don't you want to listen to me?