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She uncovers the little plastic tortilla holder so gracefully. It's little things like that that are so cute about people.


You might want to consider buying some new tires for your car.


I haven't seen my family since 2013.

Don't worry about the minor details.

She engaged him as a programmer.


Juan couldn't bring himself to scold Mickey.


He was filled with wonder.

His heart filled with sorrow.

I've finally learned how to roll my R's!

Part told us he loved skiing.

He watched from away.


Joel suffered from depression.

The aquifer is Florida's main source of drinking water.

Mario was stuck in Boston because of the snow storm.

Carolyn's wife is still alive.

She gave him the creeps.

They robbed me blind.

When he came home, I was watching TV.

Barton was satisfied with the way Andrea cleaned his house.

Should we tell everybody or not?


Because of the snow, the train didn't run.

We're going to need a loan.

John was mentioned in the paper.

I watch TV off and on.

I told him he should leave it , but he did it anyway.

I hate myself for hating her.

Better to extend an olive branch than launch a missile.

She is not a maniac.

Dan interrupted Linda's briefing saying that the building was on fire.

I am trying to avoid any arguments.

Abrams bet Browne a cigarette that it rained.

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I think something's burning.


The youngster resented being treated as a coward.

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He brought the world to its senses.

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Jamaican people were British citizens.

My cellphone has been stolen.

She talks like a truck driver.

It is not more than ten minutes' walk from here.

He betrayed his friends for money.

Rudy is all words and no action.

Miriam says a lot of things that aren't quite true.

The girl hired by the shop to attract customers is quite cute and every time I go there I end up buying a lot of things.

I wish I could stay with you.

I'm good at science.

Kikki put down his pencil.

I'm a tenth grader.

We'll be right over.


She is ashamed to speak up.

The bird's wing was broken.

Do you want to go run around the track with me?

His bag was filled with water.

Ten to one he will succeed.


Having misconceptions of what mathematics is is even more ordinary than not knowing how to spell my name.

It's already out of control.

She went down that road.

I can't believe Roberta has really gone.

He is good at imitating her Irish accent.


I will be friendly to him even if he doesn't like me.

Raja seems naive.

What kind of fruit juice do you have?

I'm not exactly surprised.

I asked Gary if he knew anybody who taught swimming.

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Feast your eyes on this.

I know you better than Rodney does.

If the shoe fits, wear it.

Emily's eating crisps.

I love music, too.

He wanted to test his limits.

I'm happier than you.

Tobias didn't answer the phone.

They both looked at her.

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It would be nice to spend the summer in the mountains.

I love Christmas lights.

I ate a salad for lunch.

I think Seth is trustworthy.

I'm going to hang up now.

She ran her fingers through his hair.

Take my advice and talk to her.

Suu made Jill his secretary.

May I speak with you in private?

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Lenora was falsely accused.


I expect that to continue.

He was displeased with my coming.

I am not a prophet.


Cole often goes fishing on weekends.

I'd like a word with them.

They arranged a meeting.

Father is in his office.

Can you really blame me?

The police raided the speakeasy.

I have run short of money.

It is not very polite, either.

I need you to keep your voice down.

You look healthy.

My roommate is prodigal when it comes to spending money on movies; he buys them the day they're released, regardless of price.


Matthieu is always willing to help others.


I like Claudia's idea.


I traveled to Paris.

Anything might happen, so be careful.

Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Jef is the only one who can help us today.

I must buy a pair of shoes.

It's finally my turn.

If we don't thoroughly examine the cause of bullying, bullying will probably never go away.


The water runs downward to the pond.

Few children were in the room.

Tal is thinking about moving to Boston.

The soldier was blinded by a flashbang grenade.

I will come back next week.

You should spend what little time you have left with your friends.

You all remember Clarissa, don't you?

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He only wanted guns and ammunition.

There was only one survivor of the accident.

My family are all well.

My arm is very sore where you hit me.

It's important that you share your pain.

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Being at the beach is wonderful! The kids are playing with a beach ball in the shallow water and I'm lying lazily on a deck chair sipping a cocktail.

Stanley isn't staying.

Come and see me at midnight.

Do you know what you are? Trash!

Every burned book enlightens the world.

This car is better as compared with that one.

She was none the happier for her great wealth.


Victoria looked at the odometer.

Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.

Harold likes to travel alone.

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I didn't even notice what Carisa was wearing.

The product may contain trace amounts of nuts and gluten.

I really doubt it.

Edwin had one wish.

Pria said he wanted to cry.

We bought a new washer.

The old man has enough money.

I'd like to make some changes in the draft.

I can scarcely sleep at night.

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This furniture's in the way.


She did not say anything.

This couple is the very picture of closeness.

The firm has recently diversified its products so as to extend its market.

Is there a student discount?

You've been a good friend.

I wonder if a third world war will break out.

We are crawling like babies.

In March, the ground is still too cold to plant anything in the garden.

She has read War and Peace 15 times.

Are you a vampire?

Vicky has time.

You are acting like a three-year-old child.

I stepped on a piece of broken glass.


Perry couldn't do something like that.


There's been a recent gain in the population of the city.

Piet asked if Cristina was home.

What're you doing in my room?


We hiked through a tropical rain forest when we visited Brazil.

Esperanto, official language of the EU, now!

Why don't you go play with her?

We should leave her alone.

My friends and I'll join you.

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I recommend that you don't talk to Mann today.

Helen was alone in his cell.

Jef skipped dinner saying he was too tired to eat.

Irfan is between twenty and thirty years old.

If you're busy, I'll ask someone else to help me.

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Thank you very much for the interview and the time you have given to us.


I don't know how she should deal with that issue.