Let's eat out next Sunday.

The lights are on downstairs.


Give me your phone number, just in case.

Thank you all the same.

I haven't had time.

Kristi will always be there.

Patty opened the front door and came in.

Grammar is very difficult.

She was approaching thirty when I first met her.

That's not the truth.

Which is larger, Japan or Britain?

I deserve to know the truth.

Shawn never gave me the details.

Dana was in Boston that year.

Eddy isn't all that conservative.


We'll be better prepared next time.

Why don't you leave them?

This must be done by Monday.


Would you please lower your voice?

Shall we have a snowball fight?

I pride myself on my humility.

A dog is a faithful animal.

I don't know when I can take a break.

Try as hard as possible to stay away from shady characters!

We'll be totally defenseless.


This is a magic broomstick.

I need palliative care.

He left early in order not to be late.


Konrad couldn't contain his anger.

Krzysztof likes to knit.

Lynnette was so calm.


I heard a scream.


Always be grateful to your mother and father.

Hawaii enjoys good weather the year round.

What exactly did you tell her?

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Please be quick about it.


You've been telling lies.

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Japan's competitiveness in camera making is unchallenged.


Bradford is an interesting man.

I can't really believe that.

A good book can completely absorb your attention, to the extent that you forget your surroundings and even your existence.

I don't fully agree with you.

One civilian was killed.

Joseph can't quite bring himself to tell Kent he loves her.

She has started acting strangely.


Can I sit on your lap?

The two sides hold talks this week.

She is always complaining of her husband's small salary.


Hey, can we get a move on?

I miss this so much.

In Japan, people legally become adults when they turn twenty.

Al doesn't like being pushed.

I told you Debi would love it.


I can keep a secret.


This isn't as crazy as you think.


Were you at Alan's house yesterday evening?

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Whatever others think of me, I don't mind at all.

They'll handle it.

Philippe is very good friend, but he looks like a wild boar so I don't consider him a potential love interest.

Stop being a crybaby.

How did you get out of your room?

Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.

I am no match for boredom.


Nobody can surpass him.


Don't throw that away.

He plays the violin very well.

There was a wreck on the highway.

I think that he is in the right in this dispute.

You're the enemy.

Rees was the one who introduced Vincent to me.

Elliott was looking for Sid, but it was raining hard and he didn't see her.


What happened on that memorable day?


Butler faces life in prison.

Do you think one person can change the world?

My grandmother told me so.


There's a mistake in this sentence.

I am pulling my own hair!

Iron is harder than gold.

I don't like it when the boundaries between work and free-time get blurred.

What's the door locked for?


There are people who get nothing from their fortune except fear of losing it.


I'd like to confirm the departure time.

Nadeem didn't want to be sent to jail.

This is the same watch as I have lost.

Brent says that the three of you are his brothers.

You made the same mistake again.

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Where can I park?


I'm gonna have to call you right back.

I can't keep my coat on in this heat.

I think you and Carol are more alike than you want to admit.

Why do you always do that to me?

Will there be permanent effects?

As regards the expense involved, it is of no concern to me.

I go to the movies just once a month and we choose a new president every four years.

Pratt climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.

Nobody insulted my country.

Give me the ballpoint pen.

Timo is busy again.


I have a few ideas for you.

I had a good sleep till ten.

Please give an example of usage.

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This statue is as large as life.

I forgot to do something.

There is nothing interesting in the newspaper today.

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Don't use this faucet.

"George?" said the housewife. "Who's George?"

It's imperative that you follow the instructions carefully.


Cultures get extinct if languages get extinct.

We cannot tear a single page from our life, but we can throw the book into the fire.

I answered one.

Dannie was framed.

It's pouring down rain.

When I was young, we could swim in the river.

Are we going by car or by taxi?

Ronald is obviously sick.

Elijah is starting to look a lot like his father.


He's shy and dreamy.


This fruit doesn't taste good.


And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in the United States. The heartache and the hope, the struggle and the progress. The times we were told that we can't, and the people who pressed on with that US creed: Yes, we can.


My grandmother walks faster than me, and plays tennis better than I do.

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We'll have to come back.


Vic and Mikey don't seem to be happy to see each other.

Forty-five times two is ninety.

Are you learning English?

Let's leave it at that.

You can fuck off for all I care!

I met Tony on my way school this morning.

We don't have anything to worry about.

In spite of the teacher's warning, the lazy boy comes late as often as not.

She was in the eighth grade.

Are there bears around here?

He gathered the last three matchsticks left on the floor.


I'm paid by the hour.

What did he say again?

Dalton achieved his goal.


They played quite a few Ella Fitzgerald songs.

The locals around here really live at a relaxed pace.

Do you prefer mussels or oysters?

I didn't think that could be your invention.

He refused to say more about that.

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Christmas is only three weeks off.

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We went to the park to take pictures.

I hope your wishes will come true.

You must be punished for what you've done.

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I wonder what Aimee wants.

I am thinking of my vacation.

Just come up here.


What will you do for a living if you can speak Quechua?

Betty ate some spoiled food and became sick.

Naomi took Page out for a drink.


That's not Sharon's fault.


Imagination affects every part of our lives.

We long for peace.

She is five years old.

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I hardly ever remember my dreams.